Affordable Mass Housing In India

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architecture Rumbling

Affordable Housing In India
Image Source and Copyright: Shubh Griha

From the maker of the world’s cheapest car – the Nano, Tata is proud to present the world’s cheapest apartment, strategically priced at $7,800 per unit. Hopefully it is not another mass housing in Ixtapaluca, Mexico.

Affordable Housing In India

Blue Ocean Strategy?

Tata’s housing division is targeting a segment of the market that was largely overlooked during the housing boom. India’s builders were concentrating on building shiny new high rises and mansions on golf courses. Builders were after profits, but they were also trying to justify their fast-accelerating land costs, especially in and around Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) and other major cities. But some business consultants (most prominently, C.K. Prahalad) were arguing that companies would profit handsomely if they target the “bottom of the pyramid” where the bulk of consumers are. It looks like Tata is taking that advice. Source: BusinessWeek

Come to think of ‘need’ and ‘want’, where does an architect’s responsibility lies? Affordability appears to be a taboo word in every architect’s dictionary. This may sound like an oxymoron especially since architecture and affordability are both on the “opposite side” of the sphere.

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  1. No Doubt that by reducing the area we can reduce the cost of Unit but that doesn’t mean we should reduce the area which is actually not habitable, if we are asked to buy such houses are we going to opt for it, NO, see the size of bedroom you are providing, if a bed of 5’x6′ is kept inside that will their be any place left for circulation, the architect is showing image of double bed. instead to 3 rooms provide big 1 RK which can be moulded easily according to owners requirement, even studio apartment can be built which looks elegant as well. Affordable doesn’t mean only reducing the area but modifying construction method which can reduce down the cost of construction so that the units can be sold at the rates less than the prevailing this will actually help EWS & LIG.

  2. wish to know more about product and technology.Presence in India. Chances to join hands for it marketing and promotion in india and other countries thorugh seminar, conference and exhibition

  3. Hope there’s a good extractor fan in the kitchen, otherwise things could get pungent in the “LOFT ABOVE”.

  4. Does anyone know a developer for Flat pack houses in Thailand or Tata’s contact details for Thailand flat pack houses

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