Mass Housing in Ixtapaluca, Mexico

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architecture Rumbling 2019

Mass Housing in Ixtapaluca, Mexico

Mass Housing in Ixtapaluca, Mexico

Huge growth of housing projects like these for low income families in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. There is a total of 300 of these houses and they reminds me of the movie – Cat in the Hat. Mass housing like these are scary, so isolated and lack of an identity – spooky!


  1. this picture it’a a fake my bother just purchased a house from Ixtapaluca and they’re not that bad acctually I am proud of my brother because he have a litle house and he live there with dignity.

  2. I hate those streets where every house looks the same. You can never tell which one is yours at first, or when you’re visiting friends. When I was a small boy, I got lost once visiting my aunt just by going outside the house. I couldn’t remember how to get back :).

  3. It is happening the same in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but we’re moving upward to the skies. Did you ever see an areal view of São Paulo? There are just lots and lots of buildings!

  4. fortunately, it will take only a week or less for mexican neighbours to reinvent their homes by adding, painting, planting in their properties. they fulfill the lack of identity pretty well.

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