Kuala Lumpur Flood Control, Damage and Restoration System

Updated on December 31, 2018 in Architecture Rumbling 2019

Sorry for the lack of updates, was away attending my cousin’s wedding, will update about that too. Anyway, while I was in Kuala Lumpur for the weekend prior to the wedding, I stumble upon a row of shop houses and their flood control system, probably they’ve given up on the local authorities and decided to take things their own way.

Flood Control System

Walking down the walkway is really annoying and dangerous, that could probably be the highest riser in the world and surprisingly senior citizens living there appear to be climbing up and down the stairs without any sign of restlessness.

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Flood Control System


  1. i wonder if there is guideline in dealing with such walk path as in; local council should have come up with better criteria of design rather than loop hole works

  2. There are building by-laws in malaysia and it is against the law to erect something like the image above that obstruct the pathway.

    I believe the local / shop owner are fed up with the constant flooding and decided to solve it with their own way, who to blame when the local council themselves are corrupt and does not care about the people and their basic needs?

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