Bamboo scaffolding towers in Hong Kong

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Architecture Rumbling

Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong

I was reading archidose and found this image kind of interesting, its an image of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong. Its kind of weird when construction technology has improved so much that I see no reason why should someone use bamboo as scaffolding. I’ve never been to Hong Kong but from most images and TV series that I come across only bamboo scaffolding can be found.

This is what I manage to find online:

Bamboo is strong, lightweight, and flexible, making it handy to build large scaffolds from. Bamboo also has many nice feng shui (chinese art of science in harmony) properties, which is a plus if you’re worried about evil spirits and you’re 30 floors above the cold, hard asphalt.

Isn’t it weird? Does this theory applies in Shanghai and Beijing too? Well, at least I know why the pandas are on the endanger list.

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Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong

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  1. Yep, all the scaffolding here is bamboo. Weird at first, but you get use to it.

    It’s used mainly (I think) because of the heat/humidity. No rust you see.

    Bamboo is really strong too. They tie them together with black nylon about 30cm long and 9mm wide.

  2. Hi ther read the artical on bamboo scaffolding and was wondering if you could tell me where you go most of the info from, I researching for a paper on bamboo scaffolding for tech ( hopin to be a quantity surveyor/construction manager), so any info would help.cheers

  3. Hi I think 1 of the main reasons they use bamboo scaffolding is that it does not collapse at 1 go, light weight and minimum damage to the building in the event of collapse.

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