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Updated on January 4, 2022 in Debates, Ideas and Discussion

Burj al-Arabi rejected architecture

Dubai oh Dubai, a land with skyscrapers that rivals those in United States. Now, this is the best of the best skyscrapers in Dubai, shaped like a man in traditional Arab cloth, the tower will be located near the Jabil Ali airport in Dubai. Travelers using the airport will be able to see the tower on landing and taking off.

Some comments found online:

“Can we have one in black next to it to represent his wife, then they can extend by adding a few more wives if they sell well.” – Steve Dubai

“It’s revolting. Dubai really is where the architects come to offload their weird ideas.” – Anonymous

Honestly, this is the biggest mistake Dubai ever made, iconography is a big no in architecture. Imagine Ford Motor’s headquarter shaped like a car, totally unacceptable. I do hope they kill this project for the sake of Dubai, an eye sore.

The structure will in fact be a 35-storey tower designed to resemble a man dressed in traditional Gulf Arab dress yet another remarkable landmark set to hit Dubai’s skyline… Mohammad Al Syoufi, chairman of Dubai-based project developers AAA Group, said he wanted to create an icon which would rival the famous Burj Al Arab.

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  1. architecture of breathtaking grandeur
    and resembling to the tribe shall be praised and and continue to inspire
    i myself am a civil engineer from INDIA

  2. I like the comment by Steve Dubai, this way there can be a combination of five buildings, one white and four black !

  3. how about a buiding which represents islam -a building in the shape of an arabic word – ALLAH and MOHAMMAD ???
    buidings in the shape of a man and his wives – very iconic – are we forgetting our own creator ? that we are busy creating ???
    come on its a challenge – make it big enough so the words ALLAH and MOHAMMAD stand out PORUD.
    this is an islamic country…….BE PROUD>

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