Dubai Lagoon Billboard Advertisement

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architecture Matters

Dubai Lagoon Billboard Advertisement

Dubai has another surprise for the world, and its not the world’s tallest tennis court and not another indoor ski park. Its the Dubai Lagoon, its not another theme park; just blocks of apartments. So, what is so special about this Dubai Lagoon?

The man-made lagoon creates a permanent romantic setting in a community that has fast become a homeowner’s dream. With the apartments and walkways surrounding the bank, the lagoon’s constant filtration system ensures the water remains fresh, sapphire blue, and doesn’t stagnate.

Dubai Lagoon Billboard Advertisement

hmm… man made lake? that’s all? not very unique. The masterplan is not unique also, but its the billboard that they put up in Dubai City. With a length of 400 meters and standing at 20 meters tall at its highest point, this is Middle East’s largest billboard ad. The billboard is positioned in a marketing traffic gold mine on the infamous Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai is setting the benchmark in almost everything money can buy and build, what they lack now is science and technology to do it themself. Pump in more money in R&D (Research and Development) and Dubai will the hub of middle east in no time.

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